Allow us to handle every aspect of your Aluminum  Copper Iron recycling requirements.

Welcome to Ghazi Metals, a distinguished and family-owned enterprise that was established in 1001. Recognized as the largest privately-owned company in the Middle East and North Africa, Ghazi Metals holds the esteemed ISO 9002 accreditation for its commitment to producing high-quality goods. Our core focus revolves around the purchase and recycling of various grades of copper, aluminum, zinc, and nickel alloys.

Over the years, Ghazi Metals has experienced remarkable growth in the Middle East, encompassing the procurement, processing, and recycling of non-ferrous metals. Our fully equipped yards, strategically located in Kuwait, Sharjah (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, and Palestine, serve as central hubs for our operations. Furthermore, we have expanded our presence across multiple locations in the Middle East and North Africa, solidifying our position as a leading force in metal recycling throughout the region. Trust Ghazi Metals for all your Middle East metal recycling needs.